Camping Gadgets Canada helps you find simple and affordable solutions in order to add comfort in the
                      wilderness. No matter whether you like to camp out, spend time at the cottage or the hunting cabin, you
                      can aspire to be warm and comfortable, even in the middle of the woods!
                      All of our products have been tested in nature by our adviser, Victor Bulhoes. Victor is an avid hunter and
                      fisherman, he is knowledgeable of the difficulties that one can encounter in the woods when trying to get
                      water to the cabin or keeping food fresh. Take a look at our tankless propane water heaters, pumps
                      and accessories. Our gadgets are durable, easy to use, efficient and most of all, are sure to improve your
                      camping experience! 
                      Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. Many products will become available as soon as they
                      have been tried and approved to meet our quality standards. You don't find what you're looking for?
                      Contact us and let us find the best gadget to suit your needs! Our consultations are always free.
Our site is constantly updated! Visit us to learn more about new gadgets!  Victor November 2017
Meanwhile, thank you for your interest in us and our products.
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